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What is PBIS? 

PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Schoolwide Supports.  PBIS programs have been proven to use student data to establish a positive social culture and behavioral organization that create an effective learning environment for students and staff.  Our PBIS program, known to our building community as “Schoolwide Tiger Pride,” has been essential to promoting positive behavior throughout our school, as well as our district.  JH Brooks has 3 schoolwide behavior expectations in all areas of the building.  These expectations include:  

  • Be Safe 

  • Be Kind 

  • Own Your Actions 

These three expectations are the foundation of our PBIS program and determine how students can best shift their behavior difficulties into positive choices.  These positive behavior choices allow them to be rewarded with Brooks Bucks, Tiger Tokens, and Schoolwide Assemblies/ Activities. Brooks Bucks are awarded by teachers and staff who witness positive behavior choices throughout the building.   Brooks Bucks are counted weekly, and Tiger Tokens are awarded based on weekly drawings of Brooks Bucks in homeroom classrooms.  Tiger Tokens are placed into a large school display in our building.  Upon filling the display to the goal lines, students unlock fun building-wide activities, such as Pieing a Teacher, or our students’ end-of-year favorite, the Teacher Dunk Tank assembly!   

Students who exhibit difficulty with positive behavior choices may receive Minor or Major Behavior Referrals, based on the severity of the behavior.  These referrals will be communicated by teachers to encourage families to review the JH Brooks Schoolwide Tiger Pride expectations and discuss the importance of positive behavior choices.  Families can access our PBIS lesson videos on our JH Brooks YouTube channel

Please note, students with 3 or more Minor Behavior Referrals or 2 or more Major Behavior Referrals are not permitted to participate in PBIS rewards and will be supervised, separately, by a teacher or staff member during the time of the assembly/ activity.  

We truly hope that this encourages students to make positive behavior and character choices throughout the school day!  Thank you for your continued support of our building, staff, and meaningful initiatives.  It’s time to show our Schoolwide Tiger Pride!  

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